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User Login

※If you are registering for the first time, you do not have to enter this part.
※If you are already a registered user, the personal information will be reflected by logging in. Please enter the email address and password for logging in. If you wish not to log-in, please proceed to the entry form.

If you forgot your password

Player Info

  • Please type in alphabet. Ex. John Smith
    • Year
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    • Date
  • ※Please exclude "-"
  • ※If you register, user info will be filled in automatically. Entry could be done without registration, so if you wish not to register, please proceed without the registration.
  • ※Please type in for the User registration.※Must be 6 characters or more
After submitting the entry form, Tournament Committee will send confirmation email.
Please check the contents carefully.

Please check Tournament outline and rules

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